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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Business Page vs Website? — No. 12 Facebook Business Basics

Facebook business page vs website

Updated November, 2011

What should you have as your main online presence — Facebook business page vs website?  While some very small businesses do use their Facebook business page as their website, it’s not a smart long-term solution.

Facebook Business Page vs Website

Pros of Using Facebook as Your Only Online Presence
  • You have only one website presence to focus on, rather than two — Facebook page and website.
  • You don’t need a programmer to customize it.
  • You might have a web presence closely tied to your target demographic, with age and income typical of those active in social networks.
  • Presumably some or many of your customers are already aware of your Facebook presence.
Cons of Using Facebook Only
  • Not all potential clients or prospects are on Facebook, or want to be.
  • Your business is at the mercy of Facebook design changes.
  • Your business does not own its content — data, photos, etc.
  • Your business looses the SEO benefits that accrue when you promote your own URL, rather than your Facebook URL.
  • Size and features are constrained by Facebook policies.

If you are just starting in business, or have no marketing staff or money, and if your customers are active on Facebook, you might initially choose a Facebook business page as your first web presence.  But plan to expand soon with a multi-featured site that you control.

For another opinion, check this post from IMediaConnection on the Facebook business page vs website debate.

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