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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Marketing Campaign Examples — Beverage Brands

Coca-Cola Facebook Fan Page

By looking at the Facebook marketing campaigns of large brands, a small business owner or entrepreneur can better understand how they use Facebook business pages to build awareness and promote.  In this series of posts, we’ll review the pages of companies, by industry, that made Ignite Social’s list of the Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages of 2010 vs 2009.

Below, I identify pages of beverage brands on that list, giving each brand’s rank in both years.  Then I note Facebook page Tabs and campaigns that caught my eye.

Facebook Business Pages of Beverage Brands

Coca-Cola Facebook Page – Rank 3 in 2010 and 2009

  • Page was created by Fans Dusty and Michael, but Coca-Cola made it official, keeping the creators in control.
  • Coca-Cola Tab (Landing Tab) – Below the Tab graphic, the viewer is invited to follow the brand on Twitter, Myspace, YouTube and Flickr.
  • Fan Highlights Tab – Photos of snowmen with Cokes in hand, and of old Coca-Cola delivery trucks.
  • Photos Tab – 11,038 photos by Fans and 28 albums from company.

Dr. Pepper Facebook Page – Rank 19 in 2010, Rank 44 in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab) – Shows Fan comments.
  • Photos Tab – Photo albums from company and 3,622 from Fans.
  • Coach’s Trophy Tab – Shows events around the country: “The Coaches’ Trophy Presented by Dr Pepper is on tour! See the Trophy live and have your picture taken with it at Kroger!”
  • Videos Tab – 96 by company and 68 by Fans.

Monster Energy Drink Facebook Page – Rank 16 in 2010, No rank in 2009

  • WCC Contest (Landing Tab) – “Build a West Coast Customs dream car.”
  • YouTube Tab – Company’s featured videos.
  • Enlist Now Tab – In return for Likes, get opportunities to win merchandise, interact, meet, get stickers and downloads, and get sponsored.
  • Twitter Tab – With Tweets in the past 24 hours.

Mountain Dew Facebook Page – Rank 40 in 2010, No rank in 2009

  • White Out Tab (Landing Tab) – Video with a Fan survey to give feedback for future ad campaigns.
  • Green Label Tab – “Which two Green Label Sound artists would you like to see collaborate on a track?”
  • Tweets Tab – Twitter feed, with a Tweet or so a day.

Red Bull Facebook Page – Rank 8 in 2010, Rank 15 in 2009

Red Bull Facebook Business Page

Red Bull Landing Tab

  • Red Bull (Landing Tab) – The huge graphic (above) encouraging visitor to click Like.
  • WebTV Tab – Content never loaded.
  • Athletes Tab – Twitter feed of their sponsored athletes.
  • Games Tab – Drunkish Dials where: “Peeps like to call the toll free number on the can and leave random messages for us… Here are some of our favs.”
  • More details about Red Bull’s Facebook marketing campaigns
Starbucks Facebook Business Page

Starbucks Facebook Page – Rank 4 in 2010, Rank 2 in 2009

  • Starbucks Card (Landing Tab) – Give a card as a gift or manage yours.
  • Round the World Tab – By clicking on a country flag (graphic above), you land on one of its country-specific Facebook business pages.
  • Key boxes under logo gives 3 links: to its Twitter account, its online store, and a site.
  • Turns out IgniteSocial is doing in-depth profiles.  Here’s more on Starbucks page marketing.

Starbucks Frappuccino Facebook Page – Rank 31 in 2010, Rank 25 in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab)  – With Fan comments.
  • Polls Tab – A couple of poll questions such as, “Which new Frappuccino will you try?”

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