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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Marketing Campaign Examples — Fashion Retailers

Forever 21 Facebook marketing campaigns

By looking at the Facebook marketing campaigns of large brands, a small business owner or entrepreneur can better understand how they use Facebook business pages to build awareness and promote.  In this series of posts, we’ll review the pages of companies, by industry, that made Ignite Social’s list of the Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages of 2010 vs 2009.

Below, I identify pages of fashion retailers on that list, giving each brand’s rank in both years.  Then I note Facebook page Tabs and campaigns that caught my eye.

Facebook Business Pages of Fashion Retailers

Forever 21 Facebook Page – Rank 44 in 2010, No rank in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab) – Company updates with many Fan comments.
  • F21 Game Tab – “Play to win for discounts on gift cards.”
  • Events Tab – Visual Job Fair and recruiting for company office.

H&M Facebook Page - Rank 29 in 2010, Rank 22 in 2009

  • Your H&M Tab (Landing Tab) – Graphic tiles for 6 fashion areas, and for FAQs including Customer Service, Store Locator, Working at H&M, About H&M, Corporate Responsibility, All for Children, Social Media Room, H&M on Twitter and H&M on YouTube.
  • Shop Online Tab – Graphics of products with “Buy Now” below each item.
  • YouTube Tab – 156 videos. Examples: “Fashion Students in Milan” and “Shopping Guide to Shanghai.”

Hollister Co. Facebook Page – Rank 42 in 2010, No rank in 2009

Hollister employees on its Facebook business page

Hollister employees at new store in Germany.

  • Wall Tab (landing Tab) — Company updates.
  • Photo Tab — 47 photo albums displaying “genuine Southern California style.”  Plus 4,204 photos uploaded by its Fans.
  • Videos Tab — Surf and swimsuits, plus California casual clothes.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Facebook Page – Rank 18 in 2010, Rank 19 in 2009Facebook marketing campaign of Pink

  • The Scoop Tab (Landing Tab) – A game called Play Pink Pong (screenshot above) to, “See the spring style in action.”
  • Gift Cards Tab –  For giving gifts to Facebook Friends through Facebook, with notices posted to their Walls. (Redeemed online or in stores.)
  • Wallpapers Tab – Downloadable backgrounds for girls’ profiles on social media sites.
  • Contest “I only Sleep in PINK” Challenge – 14,0000 entries.

Victoria’s Secret Facebook Page – Rank 11 in 2010, Rank 13 in 2009

  • Spotlight Tab (Landing Tab) – Once I stopped by and this showcased the Semi-Annual Sale with iPhone, iPad, Twitter, and email options.  On another visit, a “Love Push Up” campaign for a new air-padded bra.
  • Gift Cards Tab – Same as above.
  • Wallpapers Tab – Downloadable backgrounds, probably for a male audience.

Zara Facebook Page – Rank 17 in 2010, Rank 18 in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab) – Company updates and Fan comments.
  • Photos Tab – 51 photo albums.
  • Video Tab – 15 behind-the-scenes videos of Autumn/Winter collections.
  • Events Tab – Monthly events.

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