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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Marketing Campaign Examples — Fast Food Restaurant Brands

Chick-Fil-A's Facebook marketing campaigns

By looking at the Facebook marketing campaigns of large brands, a small business owner or entrepreneur can better understand how they use Facebook business pages to build awareness and promote.  In this series of posts, we’ll review the pages of companies, by industry, that made Ignite Social’s list of the Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages of 2010 vs 2009.

Below, I identify pages of  fast food restaurant brands on that list, giving each brand’s rank in both years.  Then I note Facebook page Tabs and campaigns that caught my eye.

Facebook Business Pages of Fast Food Restaurants

Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook Page – Rank 45 in 2010, Rank 41 in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab) – Fan updates.
  • SCVNGR Challenge Tab – A downloadable game, with winner featured in page graphic.
  • Fantasy Football League Tab – “Stay on top of your league…”
  • Seth Davis Tab – Partnership with CBS sports.
  • Store Locator Tab – “Click to find your happy place.”

Chick-fil-A Facebook Page – Rank 46 in 2010, Rank 29 in 2009

  • Spicy Biscuit Tab (Landing Tab) – Introduces new product.  Below that graphic are options to get wallpapers, check in on Foursquare, follow on Twitter, join email list for promotions, and find restaurants.
  • Locator Tab – “Find a Chick-fil-A near you.”
  • Menus Tab – Graphics with hyperlinks to website for details. Also a new drink promotion.

McDonalds Facebook Page – Rank 26 in 2010, Rank 20 in 2009

McDonalds Facebook marketing campaigns
  • Latest Tab (Landing Tab) – Introduces new product, an oatmeal entree.
  • McCafe Tab – Features caramel mocha and smoothies. “Share a Fuzzy Feeling,” and customize your message.
  • Burgers Tab – Animations around the theme “Burgers Rule.”
  • Monopoly Tab – Monopoly at McDonalds info, so that you can “see where they are playing and what they are saying.”
  • Local Tab – Find store by zip code.

Subway Facebook Page – Rank 37 in 2010, Rank 28 in 2009

  • Subman! Tab (Landing Tab) – Promotes catering and following Subman on Twitter.
  • Discussions Tab – 17 topics, including recent posts.
  • Notes Tab – 46 notes about the company, vendors, and promos.

TacoBell Facebook Page – Rank 32 in 2010, No rank in 2009

  • SDIF Tab – “Super Delicious Ingredient Force” video.  Episode 3 was showing when I stopped by.
  • Careers Tab – Enter your zip code to find jobs nearby.
  • Video Tab – Their videos and those from others.
  • Photos Tab – Their photos and those from others.

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