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By Peg Corwin -

How to Find Your Facebook Business Page URL

Finding your Facebook business page URL may feel impossible with all the numbers, letters, and symbols in your browser’s address bar.  You might want to find it to add this link to your website, directories, social profiles and even your email signature.

Facebook page URLs in navigationIdentifying the correct URL is confusing because when you navigate from one page to the next, Facebook shows the last page as well as the current one.  See the screenshot above, where after I navigate from Facebook for Business to San Mateo Florist, I see both pages and extra characters in the address bar.

Find Any Facebook Page URL

San Mateo Florest's Facebook Page URLHere’s one way to find the Facebook URL of any page.  Just navigate to that page and then reload your browser.  In the screenshot above, after I refresh my browser at San Mateo Florist, the URL bar shows just that page’s URL.  There should not be any exclamation points (!) or pound signs (#) in this link.  Nothing after the ?, and excluding that too.

Find Your Facebook Business Page URL

Every Facebook page has an ID number as well as their page title.  (If you’ve created a custom URL, you won’t see the numbers.) For example, Facebook for Business’s URL is:

how to find your Facebook page URL

If you are the page administrator, you can use an alternative technique to find your Facebook page URL.  Click the upper right Home link on your page, and then click the “Use Facebook as Page” drop down link.  (See the screen shot above.)  You will then see your Facebook page URL in the address bar.

Highlight the URL in your browser’s address bar (as shown above) to copy and use it for links to your Facebook page. Make sure you include ALL the numbers following the title in the Facebook URL.

how to find your Facebook page URL

Now that you’ve got the link to your Facebook business page, how about adding it to your website, directories, social profiles and even your email signature?  Or the free Facebook Business Pages Directory?

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2 Responses to “How to Find Your Facebook Business Page URL”

  1. Maxime
    July 31, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Wow, so easy to do yet so complicated to try to figure out on my own! Thanks for the help :)

    • Peg Corwin
      July 31, 2011 at 9:30 am

      Hey, Thanks Maxine. Appreciate your leaving this comment to encourage others. Peg Corwin