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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Marketing Campaign Examples: Facebook Pages of Websites

YouTube's Facebook marketing campaigns

Graphic on YouTube Facebook Business Page

By looking at the Facebook marketing campaigns of large brands, a small business owner or entrepreneur can better understand how they use Facebook business pages to build awareness and promote.  In this series of posts, we’ll review the pages of companies, by industry, that made Ignite Social’s list of the Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages of 2010 vs 2009.

Below, I identify pages of websites on that list, giving each brand’s rank in both years.  Then I note Facebook marketing campaigns and Tabs that caught my eye in January 2011.

Facebook Marketing Campaigns and Tabs of Website Brands

Facebook Business Page – Rank 1 in 2010, Rank 1 in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab) – Company updates and Fan Comments.
  • Resources Tab – Links to get involved, site governance, developers, behind the scenes, help, advertisers and building a presence.
  • Stories Tab – “Tell us your 2010 Facebook moment,” and share it.
  • Facebook Live Tab – Channels for Guests, Education and Demos. “Check in to discuss this live event…”
  • Press Tab – 7 links to corporate info, press releases, stats, bios, blog, press interviews and speakers.
  • We’re Hiring Tab – 3 simple links to jobs, Facebook engineering, and programming puzzles.

iTunes Facebook Page – Rank 13 in 2010, Rank 9 in 2009

  • Thank You Tab (Landing Tab) — “Join iTunes as we celebrate 10,000,000 Fans on Facebook.”
  • Featured Tab – Announces Beatles on iTunes, with exclusive offers in return for becoming a Fan.
  • iTunes Asks Tab – A poll, for example, “Vote for your favorite Beatle song, or, “Vote and share.”
  • Playlist Tab – Select 5 songs from a list and share with Friends.

Google Chrome Facebook Page – Rank 33 in 2010, No rank in 2009

  • Wall Tab (Landing Tab) – Company updates and Fan Comments.
  • Apps Tab –  Browse for Chrome apps like Gilt, Mspot and Chow Video Snacks.
  • Support Tab – Simple tab with links to Getting Started Guide, common Facebook problems and help center. Also a link to volunteer to help others.
  • YouTube Tab – 83 channel favorites.
  • Speed Test, Shortcuts and Themes Tabs.
  • Try Chrome Tab – Downloads in 8 languages.

Windows Live Messenger Facebook Page – Rank 14 in 2010, Rank 11 in 2009

Windows Live Messenger's Facebook marketing campaign
  • SubmitYours Tab (Landing Tab) – “We’re looking to use the faces and stories of real Messenger users in our future marketing campaigns.”  Upload a photo, add a comment, “And we may use it…”
  • Who Posted What Tab – Play the match game, Who Posted What.  “How well do you know your friends?”
  • Expressions Tab – “Themes that match your personality today.” Pics, emoticons and winks.

YouTube Facebook Page – Rank 2 in 2010, Rank 4 in 2009

  • Top Videos Tab (Landing Tab) – Selected Top Videos, and selections in categories of Film/Animation, Science/Technology and Sports. Category drop downs and YouTube search is available here.
  • Day in the Life Tab – Selection of videos from the lives of people around the world on July 24, 2010.
  • YouTube Play Tab – A short list from the Biennal of Creative Video, in cooperation with the Guggenheim. (Screen shot at the top of the page.)
  • Symphony Tab – YouTube Symphony Orchestra contest was video auditions and improvisation videos to a piece composed specially for the orchestra by American composer Mason Bates. Fans voted on winners.

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