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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Business Pages of Realtors: Local Business Examples

Facebook Pages of Local Businesses Real Estate

Let’s look at the Facebook pages of realtors and their companies, a local business niche with a strong need for consumer marketing .  According to this infographic on how Realtors are using social media, 79% are using Facebook, a higher percentage than other local businesses.

How do Realtors name their pages?  How do they use page tabs?  What do they put in status updates and how do Fans and visitors respond?  What other content do their pages contain?

Facebook Page Names of Realtors

Smart Realtors are incorporating geographic and descriptive keywords into their Facebook page names.  This is important because page names are given the most weight in both Facebook and Google searches.   Examples are:

Tacoma’s Realtor Sharon Benson
West Suburban Chicago Real Estate/Gregg Slapak REALTOR
Rod Sager, Realtor, Southwest Washington Real Estate

Some Realtors name their page their market, like Prudential Realtor Christine Hancock’s page Chicago Condos or Ryan Ward’s page, Atlanta Real Estate.

See also this earlier post on selecting a Facebook business page name. If you have less than 100 Fans, you can change your Facebook business page name.

Tabs on Facebook Business Pages of Realtors

Realtors use a variety of tabs on their Facebook business pages. Below is a sample of such pages, in alpha order by Realtor name, not page name.  I include a brief discussion of their actively-used tabs:

Christine Hancock’s Facebook Page Chicago, IL (93 Likes)  Active tabs are: Custom landing tab (“Become a Fan, Everything I Touch Turns to Sold”), Listings (using a multiple listing app), YouTube with 7 virtual tours (powered by the Involver app), a custom page called Featured Buildings (brief descriptions and a photo), Notes (topical articles), Links (from YouTube and other sites.)

Erin Ripley’s Facebook Page, Deer Park, TX (472 Likes)  Active tabs are: Wall, Info and Links.  Recent Links include many current listings and articles on first time buyers, current rates and local homestead exemptions.

Gregg Slapak’s Facebook Page Wheaton, IL (1,466 Likes)  Active tabs are: Wall, Info, and  Email Signup.  (Gregg is the only Realtor in the group that has an email list?  See our post on how to add an email subscription tab.)  With almost 1,500 Likes, he must be an active networker.

Jim Maloof’s Facebook Page, Peoria, IL  (204 Likes)  Active tabs are: Wall, Info, Home Search (MLS search engine), Links (listings), and Photos (albums on awards breakfast, Christmas party, and welcome center pot luck.)

Josh Stein’s Facebook Page, Miami Beach, FL. (191 Likes) Active tabs are: Wall, Info, Photos (of loft and highrise properties) and Search (a custom tab powered by IDX of Florida.)

Keller Williams Real Estate Professionals’ Facebook Page, Oak Park IL  (222 Likes)  Active tabs are: Info, Wall and Photos (picture albums of the Keller Williams Oak Park Team, 1st Annual KW Cares Bowl-a-thon, a food drive and a steak dinner.)

Rod Sager’s Facebook Page, Vancouver WA.  (201 Likes)  Active tabs are: Wall, Info, Links and Events (Open houses and home buyers seminars.)

Ryan Ward – Atlanta Real Estate Facebook Page Roswell GA (159 Likes)  Active tabs are: Wall, Info and Blog, which contains posts on local events like photography workshops; local issues such as school test scores; open agent positions, and updates on price trends in the condo and home sales market.

Sharon Benson’s Facebook page, Tacoma WA.  Active tabs are:  Wall, Info, Links and “See My Listings,” an app provided by the National Association of Realtors.  Her Links page includes many listings (with enticing tag lines like “so much bigger than it looks”) as well as articles on short sales, Iphone apps and “houses that look like faces.”

Facebook business pages of realtors -- house in status update

One of 100 Houses That Look Like Faces

Streeterville Properties’ Facebook Page, Chicago IL (110 Likes)  Active tabs are: Wall, Info, Photos (buildings, events like Streeterville Cleanup Day, “Out and About”), Videos (2 minute video of various listings) and Polls (Will the Spire be built or not?).   This page has been integrated with Facebook Places and has 39 checkins.

Some multiple listing services apparently offer Facebook apps to incorporate listings on a Facebook page.  Free listings tab apps include, among others, eListit Realtor Listing. To use it, create an account on, add your property listings to the website then log in to the Facebook app with your eListit account and add the tab to your Facebook business page.

Status Updates of Realtors

Current listings make up the majority of status updates on these Realtors’ Facebook pages.  Many also share links to articles of interest on seasonal problems with buying a home, real estate staging, and property issues like taxes.  For example, Sharon Benson shares a  link from on”Short Sale Basics.”  A few create updates that also mention community events.

Rod Sager personalizes his listings updates with comments about his actions: “I showed this awesome tri-level home in Cascade Park today and my clients LOVED it!”  Being real like this– talking about what you have done and how you felt — makes it easier for Fans to relate to you.

Updates with personal references and opinions, even simple ones, also result in greater Fan interaction.  For example, Jim Maloof Realtor created this update that got 5 Likes and 4 comments:

Several of our own donated their time to model in the Easter Seals Auxiliary Fashion Show last week on March 24th. You guys did a great job Rachel Parr, Anna Drury, Abby Halliday, Iggy Neubauer, Marc Stuckey and Drew Blumenshine!

We all can make better use of questions to engage Fans, and Realtors are no exception.  Perhaps the new Facebook Questions feature will facilitate this.  For topic ideas, Realtors might read about types of questions in status updates.

Page Content of Realtors

In sum, the real estate business generates content that can be used on a Facebook business page, such as listings, virtual tours, open houses.  Realtors can easily incorporate these on Listing, Video and Event tabs.  They can encourage Fans to sign up for their email lists with an email signup tab.  They can be “more real” by posting photos of themselves and their community activities in photo albums.

They can add content about real estate and community events.  Rod Sager produces a monthly newsletter and posts it as a Status Update. Gregg Slapak creates and imports blog posts on his community.

Realtors have much to share besides listings in status updates.  They have an opportunity to build personal connections by sharing their activities and opinions, as well as community news and events.

Update from Fan Comments

Facebook business pages of Realtors Mindy and Steve Palmer

Mindy and Steve Palmer

Mindy and Steve Palmer Facebook Page, Missoula, Montana, 493 Fans.  Active Tabs are:  Wall, Info, Our Listings (using NAR app), Market Reports (2011 Missoula Housing Report — sign in to see), Contact Us form, and Best of Missoula (a custom tab about a newspaper-sponsored contest to “vote in the Missoula Independent’s annual celebration of everything and everyone that makes Missoula that oh so special place we call home.”), Photos (Wall photos, mobile uploads, solds, buyer sales, pending sales, wildflowers) Videos with fan comments, and Links (which they use a lot to mention special things about various businesses in their community.)   And read their Wall for a great example of interaction with Fans, maybe the best we have seen.

Vickie Slade Facebook Page, Boulder Colorado, 82 Fans.  Active tabs are:  Wall, Info, Links (real estate articles, local events and home tips), Contact Me, and an interesting Wallpaper tab (looks like it was created for the local paper by RSSGraffiti and embeds community news).  She writes status updates, like “Another new buyer to work with…..So exciting and rewarding to help people realize their RE dreams!”

Another Fan recommended Realtor Tim Stephens, but unfortunately he has a active personal page, and is not using his Facebook business page.  Functionality on personal profiles is more limited, and I can’t post a comment about this post on his profile without becoming his Friend.  I suspect he was an early adopter of Facebook, built up his personal page, and is reluctant to switch because he expects to have difficulty converting Friends to Fans.

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9 Responses to “Facebook Business Pages of Realtors: Local Business Examples”

  1. Critic
    April 25, 2011 at 11:43 am

    Wow! Interesting choice of pages to use as examples. Except for 1 or two cases, I see a very low level of fan engagement across the board, mostly due to auto-syndication of content and/or relentless posting of listings and/or open houses

    Fact is, no amount of using custom tabs makes up for not engaging your fans

    • Peg Corwin
      April 25, 2011 at 4:13 pm

      I agree. These were the best I found. Please share links to the Facebook business pages of Realtors doing more.


  2. Critic
    April 26, 2011 at 7:28 am

    I like what Intero Real Estate Services is doing

    Also, your real estate directory contains a couple of pages that seem to at least “get” it: The Home Staging Source (not really a realtor) and Mindy & Steve Palmer

    • Peg Corwin
      April 26, 2011 at 7:45 am

      Great suggestions, Thanks. Will add to post.


  3. April 26, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    We love the inspiring and informative page of Tim Stephens

    He really has built an awesome community!

  4. Anika Mcgowan
    May 21, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    hello blogger, i was reading your posts on Facebook Business Pages of Realtors: Local Business ExamplesUsing Facebook for Business Marketing and i genuinely liked them. one issue that i observed while browsing through your blog that a few of the hyperlinks are not working and return error error. this makes the reading experience a bit sour. you’ve got a good blog and i will request you to revise the hyperlinks so that fascinated people can get all the information they want to have. Btw are you on twitter?? i would definitely like to follow you and get revisions on your blog.

    • Peg Corwin
      May 24, 2011 at 8:13 am

      Working on the broken links. Thanks for the nudge. Peg