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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Management Software: Do You Get Fewer Clicks and Conversions?

Facebook management software to automate or schedule status updates

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Using Facebook page management software to schedule or automate your status updates is just as effective as manual posting to generate clicks.  However, scheduled posts may generate fewer conversions, less revenue, depending on their timeliness.  So says Tristin Handy of Argyle Social.

He recently sampled activity data of 381 customers on its software platform and came to these conclusions in Data Reveals Insights into the Effectiveness of Post Automation.

Generating Clicks Using Facebook Management Software

Hardy finds that they saw “no significant difference in the click rates of posts submitted immediately vs those scheduled for a later posting date.”  In other words, Fans and visitors click at about the same rate, regardless whether you post manually or schedule updates.

Generating Revenues or Conversions with Facebook Management Software

Similarly, page Fans and visitors buy at virtually the same rate from status updates created by automated feeds (RSS feeds to import of blogs, etc) and manual posts.

However, there is a difference between scheduled posts and manual posts with respect to revenues or conversions.  “Posts scheduled in the future have an average influence revenue of $177, while posts published immediately have an average influenced revene of $308, a timeliness bonus of 74%.”


Hardy speculates there are two reasons:

  • Scheduled posts tend to be informational.  They generate awareness, but not necessarily revenue.
  • Marketers who really care about generating revenue tend to re-post the same content several times.  This reduces average conversions.

I would guess its more the second than the first.

Should Admins Facebook Management Software?

Argyle Social provides new data on how Facebook management software affects user actions on your page.  Their research does not specifically address how automatic or schedule posts influences Facebook’s calculation of your page’s Edgerank, its system to determine which posts make it into a Fans’ top news feeds.  Other data shows that using third-party software reduces the number of Fans to whom the page is displayed.

We page admins should probably try to interact on the page in real time when possible.  However, it is reassuring to know that using Facebook management software does not reduce all types of interactions.

Maybe these results will also encourage admins to schedule duplicate content less often, as it is not generating revenue conversions at the same rate as manual posts.

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