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By Peg Corwin -

Schedule Updates on Facebook Pages Using Facebook to Do It



Schedule Updates on Facebook Pages Using Facebook to Do It

Hi this is Peg Corwin with Using Facebook for Business Marketing.  Today I’d like to show you how to schedule a update or post in Facebook, instead of scheduling updates in outside software.

Here we are on my Facebook page, Facebook for Business, and right down here is where we have an opportunity to put in a status update or post.

I’m going to click into this box and I have already copied a link that I would like to share.  I’m going to paste that link into the status update box and make a comment on it, saying  “Improve you Facebook engagement with these tips.”

The question is how to I schedule that post?

I come down here to this little clock icon and I click the clock.  I click the Add Year and I’m going to make it 2012, Add Month and I’m going to use December, Add Day, the 4th, Add Hour, 10 am, and Add Minute 00.

If I click Schedule here, that is going to schedule that particular post.  You can see it right up here.  “Your Post Will Be Published on Tuesday December 4, 2012 at 10 am.”

We can see it if we want to check it.  We can go back to the Activity Log and actually see the scheduled post.

So that’s a quick video on how how you schedule a post in the future inside Facebook.

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