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By Peg Corwin -

Facebook Page Marketing Moving to Freemium. Will You Continue to Invest?

Facebook page marketing - Freemium model now

In 2013, will you continue to invest marketing efforts and dollars in your Facebook business page?

Heads up, Facebook page marketing is changing.

We small businesses have gotten accustomed to a free platform to gather and network with fans.  But as Facebook is now a public company, it is under pressure to raise revenues.  It’s not a nonprofit.  It’s not a public utility.  We have to expect and be prepared for this.

Get ready, because Facebook is moving to the “freemium” business model.  That means you get a basic features for free and pay for additional ones.

Promoted Posts

Facebook page marketing with promoted posts

If you have over 400 Facebook page fans, you may or many not know that only 10% to 15% of those fans are seeing your page updates.  While the formula for displaying updates is complicated, roughly only the ones who have recently liked your page or interacted with your page by liking, commenting or sharing are seeing your posts.

In order to re-engage inactive fans, you have to pay to promote your posts.  You can choose to promote just to your own fans, or for more money, fans and their friends.  We’re talking $5-$200 per post.  Learn more on promoted posts in Facebook’s help section.

Sponsored Stories

Another promotion vehicle is the “sponsored story.”

What are sponsored stories?  “Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with your Page, app or event that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight so there’s a better chance people see them.”

Find these under the advertising section of Facebook.

Premium Facebook Pages?

Remember how you have been dying for a list of the emails of your Facebook page fans?  How you have tried to keep track manually of your most active ones?  Or maybe you have purchased Facebook page analytics software?

According to John Haydon, author of books on Facebook marketing, “In 2013, we’ll see Facebook offering a premium version of Facebook Pages. This premium version will include advanced analytics that will give marketers greater insight around specific fan segments (top commenters, customers, new fans) and the ability to do frictionless email acquisition (click “join” within a Page update to opt in).”

If you want those features, you will be paying a monthly fee, I suspect.

Your 2013 Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Assuming you are not going to put your head in the sand, you have two choices:  pay or invest elsewhere.

If you choose to pay, start thinking of Facebook in terms of online social advertising.  Be sure your budget has an allocation for Facebook page marketing.

In 2013, you should probably plan to promote a certain number of selected posts to keep engaging those fans whose interest and engagement lags.  But also start thinking about paying for the platform and enhanced features as you would for any other service provider.

Or you can invest in strengthening your marketing presences elsewhere.  Build up your email and text marketing efforts, so you control access to your own customers.  Revamp your website to make it more engaging and social.

What’s your Facebook page marketing strategy for 2013?  And if Facebook is moving in this direction, can Twitter be far behind?


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